UHI Outer Hebrides International Seaweed Conference 6 September 2022

The UHI Outer Hebrides International Seaweed Conference was held on 6 September 2022. The conference was recorded and uploaded to youtube.




Introduction to the Day







Achievements – Drying, Demonstration of Web based App for Energy Assessment for SMEs







Characterisation, Carbon and nitrogen, ash and calorimetric content







Comparison of Drying Methods and characteristics of seaweed based on seasons






Cultivation quality and growing guidance for the NPA region Renewable energy using hydro power






Identification of shared infrastructure resources opportunities







DNA data base of seaweed species, characterisation of genetic markers , creation of a NPA seaweed genetic database and testing kit for NPA seaweed provenance





Waste to fuel and Biofuel production








Launch of SW GROW brand Marketing and cultural story of seaweed







Traditional culinary uses of seaweed in the Western Isles